8 Tips for Getting and Staying Motivated

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Staying motivated is one of the most essential day-to-day strategies in finding success. Staying motivated isn’t always easy but it is what drives us to make things happen. Below are 8 tips for getting and staying motivated as well as some suggestions for what to do if you can’t seem to get your butt in gear!

How to become motivated:

1. Set goals. Goals give you a direction to focus on – one that’s measurable and has an endpoint. This can help you to stay motivated.

2. Choose goals that interest you. You’re much more likely to stay motivated if you’re working towards something that you want to do or achieve, rather than what other people want for you.

3. Find things that interest you within goals that don’t. Sometimes other people set goals or tasks for us that we don’t find interesting or want to do. So, try and find something within that task that does motivate you.

4. Make your goal public. Tell someone – or write down – your goal, you’ve essentially made a promise to keep your word.

5. Plot your progress. When you’re working towards something, it can be really motivating if you can see evidence that you’re making progress. Draw or create a visual representation of how you’re coming closer to achieving the goal you’ve set yourself.

6. Break up your goal. Start with easier tasks and work your way up to bigger challenges. Breaking up a task in your mind into achievable chunks helps build confidence.

7. Use rewards. Promise yourself some sort of reward each time you complete a step/task.

8. Don’t do it alone. Join a class or find someone you can share the experience with. Other people’s encouragement to keep going can be a big boost to your motivation, particularly when you’re doing it tough.

If you’re really finding it hard

If you’ve failed to get motivated, then it might help to talk it through with someone you trust. Sometimes it can be hard to achieve things on your own, so having a good support network may help when you’ve taken on a big challenge.

What can I do now?

  • Write down some goals for the coming year.
  • Plan some rewards or treats to keep your motivation up.
  • Tell someone about your goal, to keep yourself accountable.

When you’re able to stay highly motivated your potential will be limitless. For more tips and information on how to stay motivated, visit our motivational blog posts and subscribe to our YouTube  channel. Do you have any tips that you use to stay motivated? Contact us so we can add them to our list! Don’t forget to comment and share this post with your friends and family!

Sharing is caring!

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